The Digital Store

  • What does the store of the future look like?

    Inspired by BT, The Digital Store at RBTE showcases the latest cutting edge product and solution concepts from BT and their partners available in stores now and the near future.

    The retail industry is set to continue its evolution and change more in the next 10 years than it has over the past 40. There are two major factors driving this – digital transformation and the rise of Internet of Things (IoT). BT have joined up with Cisco, Mcube, RetailNext, Samsung and SATO to create this innovative digital concept store. They bring technology together to show you the future of retail and  technology that’s available right now.

  • Experience how our retail technology can help you create an immersive and engaging store environment that’ll help you:

    • Integrate your digital and physical stores to personalise the customer experience
    • Deliver great customer and employee experience
    • Digitise your day-to-day store operations

    All made possible by our new agile and secure future networks.

    Digital-influenced sales will account for 38% of total retail sales by 2021 (Forrester Feb 2018), so there’s no time to waste bringing your personalised online shopping experience into the physical store.

    Here's what visitors to The Digital Store at RBTE 2018 got to experience...
  • Greeter Robot

    Our new customer service colleague on the shop-floor.

    Robots in retail aren’t new, but up until recently they were for warehouses and logistics.

    Meet Bo!

    He can help you enhance your in store customer experience. Bo is able to improve the customer journey in a number of ways.

    By recommending products or helping customers find the specific products they are looking for, Bo uses in-built software to identify and locate particular products and take customers directly to them.

    He can also make suggestions and recommendations, making the shopping trip faster, more fun and with the potential to increase sales.


    The grocery

    Shelf Edge Video Screens Capture and engage your customers at the point of purchase

    Up to 85% of customers decisions are made directly at the point of purchase. What could be better than attracting and engaging the customer at this point?

    Shelf edge video screens provide recipe suggestions, demonstrate ethical sourcing or provide critical nutritional and allergy advice. This is all easily updated in real time via the internet. Electronic Shelf Edge Labelling (ESL) Digital shelf edge labels are the latest technology to drive in store operational efficiency, freeing up sales associates to engage and assist your customers.

    You can update and manage price changes and promotions wirelessly in real time. This gives you the freedom to automate a time consuming task and confidence that you are displaying the most up to date pricing.


    The cafe

    Digital Menu Board

    A cost effective way to easily update and quickly change menu and promotional content.

    This can be based on parts, stock availability or something as simple as a change in weather. This can be centrally controlled or at a local store level.

    Digital menu boards provide an opportunity to reduce printing costs, while increasing brand awareness and customer experience.

    BT Sport

    BT Sport’s attention-grabbing live action sport draws people in.

    With live action, exclusive coverage and a host of world-class presenters, celebrity guests and entertaining pundits bringing you the best of sport seven days a week, BT Sport is a great investment for your business.

  • Fashion and beauty

    The make up memory mirror.

    Buying make-up becomes more fun using technology.

    Foundation, blush, lipstick...the makeup mirror records your makeup session in the perfect light and remembers the products you tried on. You can send the information to yourself and have a photograph to remind yourself of how and where to apply the products. Or post a photograph onto social media and let your friends see your new look. A seamless, luxurious and beautiful fusion of digital and real life shopping.

    Inventory visibility

    Every customer wants to find the right product, in the right size, in the right colour on the shelves.

    Using an item level RFID solution means you always have an accurate view of saleable inventory – and where it is in the store. As click and collect becomes ever more popular and stores act as fulfilment centres, this has never been more important.

    Smart Fitting Room

    Customers no longer need to struggle out of a fitting room half-dressed to find a different size or colour.

    Smart Fitting Room allows you to stay engaged with your customers during the critical stage of their shopping experience. Customers have access to product availability, optional colours and sizes and can contact a sales associate to ask for a different size or colour without leaving the comfort of the fitting room.

    While waiting for the items to be delivered to them, customers can interact with the screen and get further product recommendations and suggestions. A personal shopper for ever customer! Not only that, but you’ll get valuable, actionable data that identifies fitting room usage rates, peak periods and conversion rates to help you plan.

    Product Lift & Learn

    Lift up a product, place it on the shelf and get all the product information in an instant and much more. You have made the investment in RFID at item level, often to give you inventory visibility- why not maximise that investment to deliver an engaging customer experience?

    For a customer in-store it is frustrating being unable to find out key product information… something which is so easily achieved on-line.

    When a customer lifts a RFID tagged product off the shelf it immediately triggers product information on the screen, plus suggestions, recommendation, product views, and stock availability-even a facility to send an alert to a sales associate for assistance.

    Product Comparison

    Be able to instantly compare and contrast product features and functionality across multiple products.

    Something that is so easy when shopping on-line, is usually a nightmare in-store-three seemingly identical products, at different price points, but what is the difference between them?

    Some products have detailed information on the shelf labels, but some is missing or the information is inconsistent. An item that is RFID tagged can be placed on a shelf, alongside two others and products features and functionality will be instantly displayed so that a customer can make the best decision. A far more exciting and engaging in-store customer experience!

    Air Mouse

    Use your own smartphone to navigate the screen, hover over a product and get the information on your smartphone in seconds.

    A highly innovative solution, it doesn’t require an app but lets you use your own smartphone to navigate in-store digital signage and select a product you are interested in - hey presto, that information is now on your own device!

    Assisted Selling/Endless Aisle

    Regardless of store size, allow your customer to have access to your entire product range.

    With the need to manage costs and the increasing cost of real estate, many retailers are decreasing the footprint of their store, but this doesn’t mean they have to deny their customers the opportunity to shop their entire product range. A sales associate can use a tablet to assists a customer in finding an item. Then the sales associate can push or ‘fling’ the product and detailed information to a larger in-store screen, even to a video wall, so that the customer can get a better view of the product.

    This is important if there are specific intricate details, or a larger image would help to reassure the customer it was the product that they had previously seen in another store or on line. Then the sales associate can check the nearest available location of the item, reserve it for the customer or place an order on line for click and collect or home delivery and take payment-all on the same mobile device.

    Image Recognition

    Use your own mobile device and image recognition capability to enjoy a frictionless shopping experience.

    Many customers now want a frictionless shopping experience, queuing to check out is one of the worst customer experiences and often leads to lost sales.

    Using smartphone and image recognition will make this a thing of the past.

    Put simply, by using a retailer’s app, customers will be able to “check-in” to the store and take an image of each item as they add it into their shopping basket, they will build up an on-line bill for their purchases which is automatically paid for once they check-out of the store at the end of their visit.

    Another benefit is through visual search enhancements and taking ownership of the camera within the retailer’s app, it allows customers to take images and through deep feature analysis (artificial intelligence) will allow customers to find identical or similar products.

    It also means they can build shopping lists by images instead of using voice or text.

    Interactive Touch Table

    Have fun whilst searching for product information.

    Our interactive touch table not only allows you to easily find product information and perform product comparisons it lets you play games as well. Pick up a mobile device, place it on the screen and then as if by magic all the product information is displayed for you to interact with.

    Got a few moments to spare, or waiting for an in store appointment and arrive a little early? Why not challenge a friend to a game of Air Hockey.

  • Throughout the store

    In-Store Music

    Music acts powerfully on human emotions and helps to add to the overall customer experience in store.

    A fully managed plug and play audio player with brand appropriate playlist delivered to store – playlist refreshed frequently. No worries about out of date music! The player is monitored and alerts are provided if not working. Legal compliance is demonstrated as the ‘making available and music duplication rights’ are included, this means only performing rights licences are an additional requirement. Stores can be clustered to receive different programming. Radio commercials can be developed and inserted; this can generate additional revenue streams if ‘air time’ is sold to brands within the store.

    A cool feature is Jukebox, which allows customers to select and vote for their favourite tune from the playlist to be played in store - the tune that gets the highest number of votes is then played after ten minutes. This further creates an engaging in store experience, often increasing dwell time and likelihood of purchase.

    ‘Art Wall’ - Window

    Demonstrate the ‘wow’ factor that a number of screens positioned together can achieve –different content can be managed on each of the screens and all content can be easily centrally managed to create a wonderful brand experience.

    In-store analytics

    See the latest consumer in-store analytics with intelligent camera technology analysing footfall, dwell time and behaviour to inform your store format development; product placement and promotions.

    Future Networks for retailers An insight into the future of networking for retailers, with BT working with Cisco to deliver intelligent, agile, future networking solutions built upon Software Defined Networking (SD-WAN).

    The Future Network delivers network services on-demand at any point of your IT infrastructure - whether at the network edge or the cloud. The software-based control and orchestration layer automates provision of services and any subsequent changes. To address the increasing cyber threat of the modern world, security is embedded throughout. You can apply security policies to control who is allowed to connect and what and when they are allowed to access.

    Whatever connectivity you use, the Future Network gives a consistent user experience and automated self-healing to give you flexible and agile network services on demand.

    Cisco Meraki’s complete cloud managed IT solution

    Wireless, switching, security, SD-WAN, intelligent network insights, endpoint management, and security cameras. Integrated hardware, software, and cloud services. Organizations of every size and industry risk fundamental disruption because of new technologies players, and ways of doing business. The business impact of a new digital initiative will diminish over time as more competitors enter the space.

    Organizations that are the first to apply a new digital initiative will capture the lion’s share of the opportunity. Meraki cloud managed IT devices allow businesses to rapidly lay a digital foundation to roll out a digital initiative for growing revenue, cost reduction and mitigating risk. Cisco Meraki's integrated solution enables enhanced guest experiences while delivering the rich intelligence and connectivity required to drive business decisions and increase customer loyalty. Meet compliance requirements with the easiest way to deploy and manage systems and propel your business forward.

    Edge computing – store in a box

    Intelligent Edge delivers in-store retail apps and intelligent networking in a single small form factor device.

    Easy to install, the device can be up and running in minutes, meaning very rapid store roll-outs and upgrades. The centrally managed solution simplifies the delivery of applications and infrastructure as business needs dictate. The device is shipped with customised retail apps, ranging from traditional point of sale to exciting video analytics that connects to popular retail hardware.

    Intelligent networking provides in store WiFi and SD-WAN services but is also software upgradeable when new technologies arrive. Protecting apps and data is critical- that’s why Intelligent Edge comes equipped with unified threat management to protect networks and applications from attack.

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