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Listed below is the full conference programmes from the 2016 show for RBTE. We will be putting together the programme for 2017 over the next few months, if you are interested in speaking please contact Irina Gaspar on 

RBTE is a great event. It's good to come and see what new technologies are appearing on the market and what vendors can do for us, as a retailer.

Richard Surmon, Business Systems Controller, Reiss

There's a whole team of people from our IT team that are here, again, to look at ideas, and learn from other businesses and other providers.

David Wilde, CEO, Domino’s Pizza Group

RBTE has got to be up there now, because of some of the suppliers you'll get here, you won't see anywhere else - and it means I'll definitely be coming back this time next year.

Jon Shaw, Head of UK Retail, Vodafone UK

RBTE is a fantastic event. There’s a great buzz. A lot of my colleagues from John Lewis are here looking at all the different ideas, so it’s both fun and stimulating.

Paul Coby IT Director at John Lewis

It's a really great event, very engaging, there are some really interesting stands. There's just so much to get through in one day.

Jamie Peach, Head of SEO, House of Fraser

...the whole expo is incredibly busy. It really seems to be growing in popularity each year.

Andrew Livingston, CEO, Screwfix

It's massive, so the amount of exhibitors here, just grows year on year. It provides a useful insight into everything that's going on in the market.

Hamal Catharney, Account Developmnt Manager, Barclaycard

RBTE’s really, really valuable for us, you know, as a global brand that's based in the UK.

James Wintle, Global Director of Digital & Technology, All Saints.

The expos been fantastic. There’s really good speakers, and I really enjoyed the feedback from some of the bigger brands.

Jason Tyldesley, CEO, Sofology

Incredibly valuable for us, just to understand what's really going on out there. Who are the new people, what is the new technology.

Jon Shaw, Head of UK Retail, Vodafone UK

The value for us as well is hearing what people have to say, so really getting the insights. The conferences as well are absolutely phenomenal to get that feel for what the market wants and needs.

Nicole Menkhaus, MD EU, Apex Supply Chain

A lot of the shows we go to, we have lots of IT people - RBTE gives us a real different conversation.

Rupal Karia, MD, Fujitsu

The event is very valuable to us. We're actually getting face-to-face time with customers. Quite often, these customers are very hard to get to, so being able to have them come to us is really good.

Richard Smith, Regional Manager UK, SOTI

We’ve managed to speak to a lot of people across a lot of sectors in ecommerce about potentially doing business together - I would be very keen to come back next year

Ross Tulloch, Business Development Director, Webloyalty

We can see results that we have had as a direct result of this event, so we have had closed business on the back of the several years that we've exhibited here.

Georgia Leybourne, International Marketing Director, Manhattan Associates

It always generates revenue after this. Always. It's just the point. We always come away with great leads and that's why we continually attend.

Steve Howells, Director of Retail, Tyco

It's been fantastic. We've experienced the numbers to our stand have far exceeded our expectations.

Simon Cook, Account Manager, ForPOS Ltd

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